Fall in Love with these Valentine’s Day Date Outfit Ideas

The holiday revolved around all things lovey-dovey is quickly approaching. This is your gentle reminder to get a head start on your Valentine’s Day date outfit ideas! But let me clarify – this does not mean you need to be in a relationship to celebrate. Personally, I think V-day is just another grand excuse to look and feel your best. Whether you are in a happy relationship or flying solo this year, don’t let this stop you from finding a flirty outfit to adorn on February 14th. And why not play into all of the tropes? I dare you to splurge on that red dress, treat yourself to lingerie, and apply that pink eyeshadow. After all, the holiday only comes around once a year. Consider this your sign to order the perfect Valentine’s Day date outfit before it’s too late.

fashion blogger kaye bassey wearing a light pink suit set with a sheer top and black heels - Valentine's Day outfit ideas 2023

Fall in Love with these Valentine’s Day Date Outfit Ideas

Little Red Dress

When Valentine’s Day first comes to mind, surely the color red is at the forefront of your thoughts. This fiery Pantone symbolizes passion and love, which means there is no better color to wear on February 14th. An easy, foolproof way to secure a killer look is with a red dress. This may be out of your comfort zone but I promise there is the picture perfect red dress out there for everyone. For casual outings, opt for something like this minimal mini dress. On the other hand, if you plan on going all out, a crimson gown will release your inner passion.


Corset + Denim

Lingerie inspired clothing continues to be a big trend push for 2023. In particular, I am noticing an increased demand for corsets. This sultry top happens to be a match made in heaven for the holiday. It is both flirty and fashion-forward and incredibly easy to dress down for a laid back Valentine’s Day date outfit. For instance, merely throw on your favorite corset with a pair of jeans and call it a day.


Lovely Lace

Amongst all the various fabrications out there to choose from, I would confidently say that lace has to be one of the more fitting when it comes to the big night. It is delicate and incredibly feminine, making it one of the more optimal choices to don for your Valentine’s Day date outfit. From lace crop tops to sheer lace trousers, there are a variety of flirty options to shop from.


Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

For those who want to dip into the cupid aesthetic quite literally, there is nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve. Repeated heart print knits, heart cut out dresses, and more make for a really fun Valentine’s Day date outfit idea.


Red and Pink Accessories

Okay, hear me out. If you find investing in a hot red dress or a heart festooned sweater extreme, there’s a way to dial it back, while still participating in the festitivites. Namely, I am referring to investing in red or pink accessories that still tap into the lovey-dovey nature of the holiday, without breaking the bank. For instance, this Love Moschino pink bag has stolen my heart (literally).


I hope these ideas help you to nail down your Valentine’s Day date outfit!
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