Fall Accessories You Need to Get on Board With

Fall is in full swing and I am popping in to see how your autumnal wardrobe is shaping out? Hopefully, you were able to score some of the most coveted trends and looks of the season but there is one thing you may or may have forgotten. Of course, we are talking accessories here. With every fresh start of a new season, there are a plethora of groundbreaking accessory trends to accompany all the latest clothing must-haves. As we know, everything from handbags to shoes and beyond can end up having a major impact on your overall look. With this monstrous styling power, one would be remiss not to take accessories in to count. Which is exactly why I have you covered. I am here to breakdown the hottest 2022 fall accessories that will elevate your autumnal looks. Let’s dive into it.

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Fall Accessories You Need to Get on Board With


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Western Boots

Out of all of the fall accessories I am listing here today, western inspired boots are probably the one you are already well aware of. These cowboy and cowgirl-approved shoes have had a huge debut earlier this year and are proving to be just as viable within our autumnal wardrobe. What surprises me the most about this look is that they are more versatile than you might think. Cowgirl boots can be worn with a sweater dress for a more rustic vibe but It girls are also wearing them with more edgy, street style looks as well.

Sherpa Boots

On the contrary, sherpa lined boots are proving to be bigger than ever this year. In particular, we are seeing an even greater uptick in all things UGG. From the classic boots to the more modern mules, this trend just proves that you can still marry comfort with style. Similar to the aforementioned, sherpa boots can be both dressed up or down – it just depends on the desired aesthetic you are going for.

Sophisticated Baseball Caps

Baseball season might be nearing an end for 2022 but this accessory is only getting bigger. Classic baseball caps are one of the more sought after fall accessories this year. Even designers such as Gucci are hopping on-board. One of the best things about this piece is that there is such a huge range of options. From more toned down canvas baseball caps to other elevated options such as leather and wool, there is seemingly a cap for everyone.


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Remember the days of arm candy in the 2010s? Everyone was wearing a plethora of stacked bracelets on their arms in a variety of colors. Although nostalgic, the arm candy look is not coming back anytime soon but in its stead we find there is huge emphasis on bangles. Not just any old bracelet either. Thick, statement cuffs could be heard clanging down the runway and quite frankly, I’m here for it. Feel free to mix-and-match too. Shop futuristic shapes, colorful resin, and modern style bangles below.

Heavy Chains

Heavy chains are a huge theme within this year’s fall accessories. From accenting a sleek leather handbag to quite literally wearing chunky chain necklaces, this look is bold, beautiful and polished. It should be noted that there is greater emphasis on silver chains rather than gold (silver, in general, seems to be having a revival moment). If you are looking for the perfect assortment of fall accessories to vamp up your everyday look, these statement chains are certainly calling your name.


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Futuristic Sunnies

Last but not least, I have to pay homage to one of the more larger sunglass renaissance moments I have seen in a long time. These futuristic-inspired fall accessories are a celebrity favorite and who can blame them? These bold sunnies are sure to turn heads wherever you go. You will see these avant garde styles in the shape of wrap-around style frames to extra large lenses with reflective materials.


Let me know which of these fall accessories is your favorite! 

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