Every Type of SPF Product & My Thoughts on Each

By now, I trust everyone reading this knows how important wearing sunscreen is. Not just on the beach but each and everyday. If it isn’t by now, SPF should be a part of your morning routine. If you are a real go-getter, you may even be reapplying SPF throughout the day. Why is this important? Not only does this prevent pre-mature aging and sun spots, but consistent use also reduces your chance of skin cancer and melanoma risk. With the beauty market expanding by tenfold, there are actually quite a few ways to get your daily dose of SPF beyond just the regular sunscreen products. So consider this your comprehensive guide to every type of SPF product so you can figure out which method (or methods) is most suitable for your lifestyle. Get ready to lather up. Scroll ahead to discover everything you need to know about protecting your face from the sun’s rays.

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Every Type of SPF Product & My Thoughts on Each

SPF product 101 - facial sunscreen

Facial Sunscreen

The classic is obviously your reliable facial sunscreen. These formulas are specifically created to wear on the face in conjunction with your daily skincare. With a wide range of SPF levels to choose from, these products are meant to provide protection from the sun’s rays on any given day. Although a cult classic, my go-to SPF product is definitely Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen. The gel formula is incredibly lightweight and moisturizing.

SPF product 101 - tinted sunscreen

Tinted Sunscreen

If the idea of adding and SPF specific product to your already comprehensive skincare routine seems daunting, this may be the solution. Incorporate your skin protection into your daily makeup ritual by using a tinted sunscreen. These all-in-one products have light coverage, allowing you to use one product to replace both your foundation and sunscreen.

SPF product 101 - sunscreen sticks

Sunscreen Sticks

Although these sunscreen sticks have been around for awhile now, I noticed that they have been trending on my instagram explore page. This SPF product seems like a new concept to many, including me, and I had to give it a try. I do think these are nice for easy reapplication throughout the day but the upkeep is a major downside. While it may be formulated in a way to prevent bacteria, I can’t help but feel inclined to wipe the stick with an alcohol wipe after every use. So at the end of the day, this particular sunscreen is not my favorite!

SPF product 101 - sunscreen spray

Sunscreen Sprays

On the other hand, sunscreen sprays are a refreshing alternative to the aforementioned SPF products. Amongst all the factors, the biggest pro of this formula is the easy application. Carrying a sunscreen spray in your bag allows you to reapply in just seconds! Everyone’s favorite brand, Supergoop, has an SPF 40 formula but my current favorite is Summer Friday’s mist which also doubles as a hydration product!

SPF product 101 - lip protection

Lip Protection

As a bonus, I wanted to quickly touch upon lip protection. The skin on your lips is actually the most delicate, so ensuring you are also protecting this part of your face is just as important. Simply shop for lip products with added SPF to keep your lips plump an hydrated all season long. Kill two birds with one stone with this tinted formula.


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