Embrace the Vanilla Girl Aesthetic This Winter

If you’re active on TikTok, you’ve likely come across the trending vanilla girl aesthetic. Although it first gained popularity last year, it’s making a comeback once again. This style is defined by its combination of luxurious, comfortable minimalism, making it an ideal choice for the winter season. Imagine indulging in cashmere sweaters, coordinating pajama sets, and other sophisticated loungewear that effortlessly elevates the experience of staying indoors. If you find solace in the coziness of your home, especially during the winter months, the vanilla girl aesthetic is tailor-made for you. And if you aren’t necessarily a vanilla girl yourself, but have a friend that fits right into this trend, any of the below would make for a thoughtful holiday gift idea! Without further ado, here are the style and beauty must-haves if you want to embrace the vanilla girl aesthetic this season.

Fashion and beauty blogger, Kaye Bassey, wearing a neutral outfit in her living room - vanilla girl aesthetic

Embrace the Vanilla Girl Aesthetic This Winter

vanilla girl aesthetic

Cream Sweaters

Despite the deeper, darker colors people often tend to go towards during the winter, vanilla girl purveyors stick to a lighter color palette. Sweaters are synonymous with the fall time and to make them vanilla-approved, opt for creams and off-whites which make for a more gentle aesthetic. As for fabrications, the rule is that the cozier they are, the better. Luxurious cashmere or wool, chunky cable knit, and minimal ribbed knits tend to fit into this trend the most.

Elevated Loungewear

Those who embody the vanilla girl style are often spending their time in the comfort of their own home during winter. This means plenty of opportunity to bust out pajamas and other loungewear favorites. As you might have guessed by now, the key is to stick to more gentle designs and soft colorways. To make your life easy, shop in matching sets for a complete all-in-one look.

Cozy Winter Accessories

When you do happen to leave the home, you can easily incorporate that vanilla girl aesthetic into every look with the help of cold-weather accessories. Fuzzy knit hats, chunky scarves, and mittens in a neutral color are prime examples of this style. Bonus points if they are adorned with bows like these ear muffs from Kate Spade.

Vanilla Aesthetic Beauty

Beyond fashion, the vanilla girl aesthetic even translates into the beauty department. Starting with the obvious, a vanilla scented perfume is a fun, literal way to embrace the trend. Plus, smelling like a fresh batch of sugar cookies is perfectly fitting for the holiday season. The Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise fragrance is a no-brainer or you can lather up in a rich, vanilla-scented body butter. Beyond fragrance, vanilla girls tend to love products that are not only effective, but also boast chic packaging. This includes products such as The Ordinary and Gisou that look aesthetic when perched on a bathroom counter or vanity.


What are your thoughts on the vanilla girl aesthetic?
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