Elevated Living Room Decor Finds

A house doesn’t fully become a home until it’s filled with cherished memories. And what makes a home feel even more special and unique are the furniture and decor pieces you decide to fill it with. A few touches can go a long way in making your space feel cozy. One of the rooms in your home that you probably spend an immense amount of time in is the living room. This is the common space where you may host friends, have endless movie nights, and more. You deserve to splurge and put extra time and effort into making it look and feel just right. While I am partial to saving when possible, sometimes investments are called for. Durable, high-quality coffee tables and rugs will ensure your home stays in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Elevate your home with this dreamy living room decor finds.

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Elevated Living Room Decor Finds

Coffee Tables

Perhaps one of the most important furniture pieces in your living room (after the sofa) is the coffee table. This is often front-and-center and can often be a conversation-starting piece. It should be of quality because it serves both function and fashion. Rest your favorite coffee table books upon the surface or use it to hold your bowl of popcorn for movie night – both are equally important. From post-modern designs to mid-century modern, here are coffee tables worth investing in.

Accent Chairs

A statement piece can completely transform a room. I am partial to a chic accent chair to lighten up a living space. While obviously, you need to consider what would look best with your sofa, don’t be afraid to shake things up. If comfort is your priority, consider something practical and designed to curl up in. However, if you are yearning for something that borderlines art and furniture, perhaps a more avant-garde choice is in order.

Area Rugs

Often overlooked, area rugs are just as important as the aforementioned living room decor pieces. While they tend to cover the majority of the floor, this makes it more important than ever to pick the right one. Minimal neutrals and textures will compliment a living room, whereas bold-colored, printed alternatives tend to become the focal point.

Shelves and Bookcases

If you have extra space in your living room, a great way to fill the void is with a bookshelf. This is a great way to incorporate more character and style into your space. Each shelf can be filled with all of your favorite books and more petite living room decor. Likewise, if you have a blank wall, consider installing a shelf system.

Decor and More

Once you are completely satisfied with all of your furniture choices, you can start filling in with little accouterments and other small touches. Think vases, candles, and more. I’ve curated a quick round-up of all of the aforementioned. All are proven to elevate your space in the blink of an eye.


I hope these living room decor finds help to take your own space to the next level.


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