Cute Summer to Fall Looks To Wear Now

Now that Starbucks has officially brought back the pumpkin spice latte for 2022,  I believe now it is more appropriate than ever to start dishing about fall fashion here on the blog. Granted, we already started dipping our toes into some autumnal content by predicting the biggest fall trends but now let’s talk about how we even get there. I find that the shift from summer to fall is gradual and certain measures need to be taken to be comfortable at all times. For instance, the fluctuation in just the weather itself can already cause a headache when it comes to getting ready. This is why employing tricks such as dressing in layers will come in handy more than ever. So with this in mind, I wanted to take a stab at supplying some summer to fall looks you can start incorporating into your outfit mix right now. So grab your latte and let’s talk fashion!

fashion blogger kaye bassey wearing a sportsmax knit midi dress with stiletto boots - summer to fall looks

Cute Summer to Fall Looks To Wear Now

Knit Dress

This Sportsmax knit dress is truly such a dream. I find that these trendy, semi-sheer one-pieces are such a chic item to carry you from summer to fall. While the dress silhouette and sheer fabrication allows for more air flow to combat the midday heat, at the same time the sweater starts leaning into that cozy autumnal vibe. After all, fashion is all about comprise, right? To top it off, I thought these heeled booties accentuated this monochromatic outfit well. What are you waiting for? Shop a variety of knit dresses below.


Blazer  + Shorts + Tall Boots

No matter what time of the year it may be, one thing remains true – my genuine love for blazers. At this point, I have gathered quite the collection of these tailored jackets and have just added another. This rich, navy pinstripe one is classic in style and makes for a stylish addition to these summer to fall looks. Instead of pairing with trousers, I opted for some matching suit shorts and a pair of calf-high boots. The best part of this transitional outfit formula is that you can easily swap the blazer for another layering device, such as a bomber jacket, for a more casual iteration.


Fall Color Palette

One easy way to gear up for the fall season is by switching to a more seasonal color palette. While it is true that we are expected to see a heavy emphasis on brighter hues these next few months, the classic neutrals will always have a place on the runway. Think warm brown, cream, dark grey, and black. One item in particular that I want to call out are these Paige coated denim bottoms in the shade cognac. These pants are picture perfect for being the base of a variety of summer to fall looks.


Trench Coat

Here to prove that the trench coat will never die. This timeless outerwear piece is a staple at this time of year. They are ideal for keeping you warm, protecting you from the elements, and elevating whatever you decide to pair it with. From work wear outfits to even a jeans and sweater look, the trench coat will easily become your new best friend (at least until the extreme winter weather kicks in).


Let me know which of these summer to fall looks is your favorite! 

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