Sharing some of my favorite cozy cashmere pieces here. Cashmere has always been a cold weather favorite- it keeps me feeling really warm but also has a really nice soft feeling. There is nothing more cozy than getting snuggled up in some warm, pretty cashmere during the Fall, Winter and Holiday months.



My look is from the clothing store COS. I feel like COS has some really nice pieces and thee quality feels great as well. It will definitely last for many seasons.





If you do not have or have not tried a good cashmere sweater in the past, you definitely should! Now is a bad time to go in store to try things on but you can certainly order online and place with different cuts- crew necks, turtle necks, V-necks etc. For some reason, I really enough when my cashmere sweaters feel a little oversized. It makes me feel like I am floating in a warm cloud throughout my day. It is truly such a cozy feeling. Although, the oversized look can read more casual- there are ways to dress it up or down by either pairing then with some sneakers or even a really good boot.





Similarly to the cashmere sweater, the cashmere scarf is a great piece to have. I live in Los Angeles and to be fair the weather does not usually get to the point of you needing a scarf. However, when I do travel to other states or colder cities, like Big Bear (the small ski resort city in Southern California)- there is definitely a need to get snuggled up and be cozy. Here are some cashmere scarf recommendations:




Things like ear muffs, gloves, sock etc also come in cashmere and whoever thought of this genius idea… thank you! If you are like me and love wearing socks at home or to bed then you are going to have to try out getting these little cloud pillows of comfort. I think that these would also make for wonderful Holiday gifts or stocking stuffers.




The reason I think that these are such a good idea is for similar to wanting to wear a cashmere top. For me, I feel like getting a really comfy pair of bottoms is amazing. It resonates with me more than even getting a really nice cashmere top. In general, I feel like it is easier to find a comfortable top of really good fabric compared to how easy it is to find comfortable bottoms.  If you care about wanting to feel really comfortable during this season, I would definitely recommend a nice pair of bottoms that are made with good quality cashmere. Linking some over here:






Do you have a favorite warm weather piece? What is it?



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