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Aurate New York 18k gold Jewelry
Recently, I have been working really hard to revamp my wardrobe. You know, quarantine provides the extra time to reevaluate my existence and realize that I want to make some changes and double down on investing in pieces that I love, are higher quality and generally match my current aesthetic more.
I’ve always been a fan of anything that looks really elegant, expensive, rich and high quality… but, I am also a very strong believer in making financially responsible decisions- especially when it comes to things that are investment pieces. Hence, why I have found it essential to lean into making investments in the jewelry that I own.
I discovered Aurate New York a while ago and have since been eyeing up a few pieces from them. I love gold and have been really in to acquiring some good 14k or 18k gold pieces. One thing that I love most about Aurate is the fact that the pieces are all very classic and elegant. They make subtle statements and are not overwhelming for my outfits- they simply compliment them wonderfully 🙂
Here are some of my fave selections from Aurate:
These are some other pieces that I selected from Nordstrom:
Here is your code for 20% off purchase on all things Aurate New York: kayebassey20
Also ladies, I am looking to sell some of my clothing and accesories. I am leaning towards using Poshmark or Ebay. I can not decide what would be best. If there is one that you prefer purchasing from- please let me know! Thank you xx
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