Classic Coats You Need Too Bundle Up In

Out of all the various items one keeps in their wardrobes, I find shopping for coats can be a little more daunting. After all, they are more expensive than some other closet staples so it is important to opt for styles that you can wear a countless amount of times. That’s why when it comes to the outerwear department, I typically stick to classic coats so I can maximize their usage. I know I have shared my sentiments on this idea before, but when it comes to pieces that you know you will be wearing time and time again, it is worth splurging. This ensures that your investment will last you a long time, which is not only better for the environment but better for your wallet too. So you might be wondering, so what exactly are the best jackets styles that will get me the most mileage? I got you covered. From timeless trench coats to edgy leather jackets, I share the top classic coats that you will never regret buying.

fashion blogger kaye bassey wearing a trench coat, white trousers, and white handbag - classic coats to bundle up in

Classic Coats You Need Too Bundle Up In

trench coat - classic coats to bundle up in

Trench Coat

Starting off strong with the trench coat. I really cannot name a more iconic outerwear style. Having this sheer ability to defy trends and make a grandiose return every fall, the trench coat never fails to look chic. Not only is it a jacket that can dress up even your most basic of looks but it also pairs well with your formal outfits too. From brown to black, the trench coat is an item that I know cannot be without these days.


shearling coats - classic coats to bundle up in


There is a whole lot to love about a shearling coat. Whether it just be shearling lined or full-on fuzz, this versatile layering device  is not only considered one of the best classic coats but it also is just as trendy as it is timeless. Not to mention, it is extremely practical for those in colder climates. The fabrication itself not only adds major style points, but it does a great job at insulating the lucky wearer.


faux leather coats - classic coats to bundle up in

Faux Leather

When you want to add a bit of edge to your everyday looks, you simply cannot go wrong with leather. The standard moto jacket has always been considered one of the most stylish classic coats out there. But this year, leather bomber jackets are having a major moment thanks to the likes of celebrities such as Bella Hadid. Of course, I always recommend shopping a faux-leather alternative which looks just as good as the real thing.


puffer jacket - classic coats to bundle up in

Puffer Jacket

My friends in colder climates can rejoice now that the puffer jacket is considered trendy once again! Designer labels, as well as brands like Artizia, are popularizing this voluminous layering device. Not only can it be found in a plethora of bright, serotonin-inducing color palettes, but they are also just as coveted in tonal colors such as cream, sage, and tan for an elevated touch. If you are looking for classic coats that are also functional for the wintertime, the puffer jacket is your best bet.


faux fur - classic coats to bundle up in

Faux Fur

Last but certainly not least I wanted to shed a spotlight on faux-fur jackets. I absolutely love these luxe pieces and the old Hollywood aesthetic they tend to give off. Use these glam classic coats to revamp a pair of jeans or opt for a floor-sweeping option when you want to step out in style. Regardless, you can rest easy knowing your fur jacket is faux and you look is likely to turn heads wherever you go.


I hope this helps you expand your classic coats collection! Let me know which is your favorite! 
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