Chic, Yet Comfortable Travel Outfit Ideas

Last month, I had the pleasure of going to Cabo and this month, I am in Paris with my sister! Traveling fills with me with so much excitement and it is something that I will never get tired of. Whether you have a long road trip ahead or a 6+ hour flight to catch, one of the things you always need to account for is what to wear when getting from place-to-place. The key is to put together an outfit that is comfortable for sitting for endless amounts of hours at time while also still looking presentable. Thanks to the popularity of styles like athleisure, this has never been easier. Airport fashion is truly a category in itself and with my recent travel plans in 2022, I thought I would share some of my default outfits for when I am on-the-go. If you have upcoming plans to getaway, here are some chic, yet comfortable travel outfit ideas to help you out.

wearing trench coat and outsole boots in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris - chic, yet comfortable travel outfits

Chic, Yet Comfortable Travel Outfit Ideas

Travel Outfit Idea: Classic Chic

Travel Outfit Ideas - classic chic

As you can see in my recent travel outfit from when I flew to Paris, I prefer to keep it in the classic chic realm. I always find myself gravitating towards basics that are not only cozy, but stylish enough that I can repurpose for when I get to my destination. The key component in this travel outfit is the trench coat. This is such a versatile piece that is practically made for traveling as it is crafted to withstand all different environmental elements. I kept the rest of the outfit relatively minimal with a simple striped top and some fitted trousers. This outfit is ideal for when your goal is to look polished and put together, say if you have an upcoming business trip, but still incredibly comfortable for sitting for long durations.


travel outfit ideas - athleisure from nordstrom

For my sporty spice friends or those who love the rising “that girl” aesthetic, this one is for you! This travel outfit idea goes after athleisure in the most minimal way possible. Adhere to a simple and clean look by styling a solid colored workout set like this black sports bra and pair of high-waisted leggings. For added warmth, I threw in this quilted jacket (also in black). The best thing about a bomber jacket such as this as that you can easily ball it up and throw it in your carry on bag and you do not have to worry about it getting wrinkled! To complete the athleisure travel look, grab your favorite pair of trainers. If you have yet to try these On Cloud sneakers, you are seriously missing out as they are the most lightweight, cloud-like sneakers on the market!

Feminine & Comfortable

travel outfit ideas - feminine

For those who prefer a more feminine approach to your airport attire, I think a maxi dress is a really comfortable, yet chic choice. This cotton one is simple and will be less prone to wrinkles. The Arizona Birkenstock have become my favorite nonchalant slides and I will proudly be rocking these all throughout the spring and summer season! Since they are so easy to slide on and off, it makes traveling a breeze – especially when going through TSA.

Bonus: Must-Have Travel Accessories

To round out this travel post, I had to share my travel must-haves! Obviously one of the most important things to invest in is a sturdy set of luggage. I included a check-in and carry-on option for those who have been looking to upgrade their current luggage set for the new year. Of course, some other packing favorites of mine that will undoubtedly make your life easier is a jewelry holder and a makeup holder. This module one is a game changer as you can easily customize the compartments so you can ensure your makeup is secured. The packing cubes are also ideal for organizing the clothing within your suitcase!


What are your travel must-haves? Let me know!


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