Breaking Down my Expensive Skincare Routine

Last week, I explored my favorite drugstore products, but this week, I want to highlight the luxurious beauty items in my collection. While I may not use all of these products daily, I find myself continually reaching for them on days when I truly want to pamper myself. These high-end essentials add a touch of indulgence to my routine, making those special moments even more enjoyable. From radiant serums to plush moisturizers, these products elevate my skincare and beauty game to a whole new level. Ahead, I’ll be breaking down my entire expensive skincare routine, along with price points and why I ultimately think they’re worth the splurge.

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Breaking Down my Expensive Skincare Routine


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Step 1: Patrick Ta Dewy Milk Mist

Price: $38

Although this is a setting spray, I prefer to start my expensive skincare routine with a few spritzes of this because it adds moisture back into my complexion, ensuring it’s ready for the day ahead. I absolutely adore this formula because it’s virtually weightless, yet incredibly hydrating. I will also use it after my makeup if I need a moisture boost!

Step 2: Chanel Eye Patches

Price: $145 (includes 10 pairs)

After a long night, I will bust out these glamorous Chanel eye patches to wake up my eyes. First step is to use the roll-on serum, followed by the actual patch itself.  It uses 3.5-DA and vitamins to reduce puffiness and dark circles. With one use, it also diminishes the appearance of fine lines. Plus, the eye patches make for the cutest self-care selfie!

Step 3: Biologique Recherche Contour Eye Cream

Price: $94

Once I remove the aforementioned patches, I immediately follow up with this eye cream from Biologique Recherche. Although it clocks in at $94 per bottle, I can honestly claim that it does wonders for keeping my under eyes hydrated and youthful. This is imperative, especially because New York has been so dry!

Step 4: Biologique Recherche Lotion p50 Balancing Exfoliator

Price: ~$133

Admittedly, this is one of those high-end skincare products that I use every single day because it works wonders for my skin. It has a cult following for a reason! This toner does it all: purifying, hydrating, and toning. If I skip this step in my routine, the difference is noticeable—my skin feels dull and lacks its usual radiance.

Step 5: La Mer Genaissance Serum Essence

Price: $790

By far, this is the most expensive beauty product I have ever owned…but hear me out, it’s worth every single penny. It’s my secret to anti-aging and I am positive I will continue to repurchase this product into my old age! For such a heft price, I truly believe it delivers on everything it promises (and more)!

Step 6: Guerlain Abeille Royale Anti-Aging Double R Advanced Serum

Price: $180

I love layering serums, so I apply this one from Guerlain next. It is chock full of amazing, anti-aging ingredients. Personally, I find that my skin has appeared much more firmer after using this product consistently. Plus, it lasts around 5-6 months which means I only have to repurchase twice a year.

Step 7: Dior Capture Totale Le Sérum

Price: $125

This is yet another serum that helps to diminish signs of aging. After patting it in, my skin feels immediately more plump and hydrated thanks to the added hyaluronic acid, longoza extract, and more powerhouse ingredients.

Step 8: La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream

Price: $380 

It’s crucial to lock in all the products I’ve previously applied, so the next step in my luxurious skincare routine is applying this La Mer cream. This thick and creamy formula ensures my skin stays supple and bouncy all day long. After applying, I always rub the excess into my hands, making sure not a single drop goes to waste!

Step 9: Clarins Lip Stain & Guerlain Honey Tint Lip Oil

Price: $31 & $40

This lip combination gets me the most compliments and I literally put it on first thing in the morning because not only does it look good, but it leaves my lips so hydrated. First, I apply this Clarins lip stain for a bit of color, followed by the Guerlain Honey Tint Lip Oil.


Have you tried any of these expensive skincare items? What are your thoughts?
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