Best Press On Nails to Achieve Salon Quality At Home

Now more than ever, nails are just as important of an accessory as any handbag or pair of shoes. Although small, they do make a mighty impact on the overall vibe and aesthetic of your look. However, there is no denying how it can add up going to the salon to get a fresh mani and pedi every few weeks, especially if you opt for acrylics. So what’s the solution? Press on nails! These days, brands have really perfected the press-ons and there are a lot of high-quality, long-lasting options out there for a fraction of the price. So for today’s blog post, let’s tackle all things mani as we discuss current nail trends and where to get the best press on nails to achieve salon quality from the comfort of your own home.

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Best Press On Nails to Achieve Salon Quality At Home

Press on Nails: Almond-Shaped

There are quite a few different nail shapes out there so it can be difficult to determine which one works best. Personally, one of my favorites is the almond shape as the slimming silhouette creates the illusion of longer nails. This nail shape quite literally resembles an almond with a wide base and a peak at the top. Now, you can skip the grueling task of shaping your own nails by shopping for flattering almond-shaped press ons below! 

Short Nail Press Ons

Not everyone can get away with sky high acrylic nails because maybe some professions do not allow them or perhaps you think they are not practical and are more of an obstacle than anything. Do not be put off by the press-ons! There are a lot of chic, shorter length opinions that would be more suitable to your lifestyle. I love these options because it still looks like you stepped out of the salon but without paying an arm and a leg! 



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Fun & Funky Designs

One of the biggest nail trends I have been seeing lately all over Pinterest and Instagram is unique, abstract designs. We are talking checkerboard prints, minimal swirls and yin yang symbols. I think these fun and funky nail art looks add so much personality to any outfit but it can be really difficult to create on your own. That’s another reason why press on nails has been such a life savior! You can easily achieve these abstract nail designs with some of the press on nails below. 

Seasonal Press On Nails

You can also use your nails as a way to get festive! In honor of the approaching spooky season, I found a ton of cute Halloween themed press on nails you can get creative with! These seasonal options are great for accenting a costume on the big day or if you just want to stay relevant and get in the spirit of Halloween on an everyday basis. Whatever the case, your nails will certainly be doing the talking with any of the below options!

As you can see, press on nails are seriously a game changer! I promise the above will help you to achieve those salon-quality manicures without ever needing to leave your home (and for a fraction of the price too). Which press on nail style is your favorite? 

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