Best Kept Tips on How to Grow Healthy, Long Nails

As long as acrylic nails are in, there should also be a good balance of maintaining the state of your natural nails. After all, a healthy foundation will act as support for any other additional nail treatments (acrylics, dips, etc) you decide to do. Personally, I do prefer to keep my own nails on the shorter side to avoid unnecessary breakages and honestly just for the ease of doing things. The winter weather can be harsh on everything from your skin down to your nails but now that we are approaching springtime, there is no better time than now to start taking the health of your nails more seriously. Don’t worry, I will be doing the same and to get us all on the right track, I compiled a few suggestions to help fortify our nails. Here are my best kept tips on how to grow healthy, long nails. 

how to grow healthy, long nails

How to Grow Healthy, Long Nails


We all know it is important to keep our body moisturized but it often slips our mind to continually hydrate our hands throughout our day! When you think about, our hands are the most susceptible to damage as we naturally use them for everything throughout the day. On top of continuous hand washing, this part of your body really takes a toll, including your nails. To combat dehydrated hands and nails, I highly recommend stocking up on a few portable options of your favorite hand cream to throw in your work/gym/daily bag so you constantly have some on you for quick application. Linking some of my personal faves below!

At-Home Manicures

To keep up the maintenance of your nails without having to rely on heading to the salon on a regular basis, I highly recommend you take the time to invest in all the tools that you would need at home. Not only is it great for the health of your nails but I also find it incredibly relaxing to take an hour out of my busy week to just focus on something for me! I put together a little checklist for you to jot down so you ensure you add everything you need to your cart before checking out:

how to grow healthy, long nails

Cuticle Oil 

You might not think it necessarily matters but cuticles make a big difference in terms of the overall appearance of your nails. The last thing you need are dry, brittle cuticles  that take away from your pretty manicure. By applying a cuticle oil, you are able to soften and strengthen your nails. Taking the time to put some extra TLC into your cuticles will actually foster better nail growth. Experts recommend applying cuticle oil 3x per day or after every time you wash your hands. I agree, this is a bit extreme but worth it if your cuticles are several damaged! However, you could also just stick to applying it a night right before bed.

Biotin Supplement 

To grow healthy, long nails you could also look into taking a biotin supplement. This supplement does not necessarily push them to grow faster but it naturally works to strengthen thin, brittle nails making them less likely to split and break when performing your daily tasks. Additionally, biotin also supports your skin and nails – which is a win/win/win situation in my book. As always, I suggest doing your own research and consulting with your doctor before adding a new supplement into your regimen.

Apply a Protective Layer

The last tip on how to grow healthy, long nails is to always provide a protective layer. When you do an at-home manicure or even go out to a salon to get your nails professionally done, always ensure there is a base coat applied before. This will also act as a barrier between your actual nails and the pigment of whatever nail polish or product you are using which ultimately prevents staining. There are some base coats that also have additional fortifying ingredients to result in healthier, stronger nails as well.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you to grow healthy, long nails! Let me know if I miss anything!



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