Beautiful Spring and Summer Sundresses 2021

Gjelina Dress - Black Multi



Now is the time to pull out your beautiful Spring and Summer sundresses! It is officially May, which means… it’s almost time for our #hotgirlsummer!!!

The temperature here in LA as I write this post is 91 degrees Fahrenheit! Which is absolutely insane! I can not believe that we are already at in the month of May. Spring is officially half way through and Summer is literally around the corner! Which means, it is time to pull out all the cute Summer and Spring pieces that have hidden in the back of our wardrobes for the past couple of seasons.

I love dresses- especially a good, cute, flirty dress during the hot months! They are so simple to wear and make dressing up really easy. For the hotter months, they are truly such a great addition for ease and comfort. Not to mention how flattering and easy they are to wear.

A few months ago, I remember stumbling upon a post on Reddit about the most attractive piece of clothing for a woman to wear being the sundress. Although, I completely am for being original and not letting society dictate what is cute or not- there is no denying that the sundress is actually a really nice piece.



Gjelina Dress - Black Multi
Gjelina Dress - Black Multi



Over the years, I have collected lots of beautiful Spring and Summer sundresses. The ones that I have are usually full of lots of patterns and prints and right now, I have ben favoring a more neutral, minimalistic color pallet. Sometimes, I drift away from my love for simple, elevated pieces but I always find myself coming back to it. I can never get enough of a perfect neutral toned dress. Here are some of my faves that I have found browsing the web:





Who doesn’t love a really good leg moment. Ever since I was like 3 years old, I have been crazy obsessed with old Hollywood- specifically Elizabeth Taylor. (Ugh- can not get enough of her). She always wore the most stunning silhouettes. There is a scene in the movie Cat On a Hot Tin Roof where she wears this silk and lace undergarment dress. I know, I know- technically, these pieces are to be worn under a dress but lately, there have been so many brands creating beautiful silk and lace dresses. My love for this styles dates back to my childhood. Thanks to Elizabeth Taylor. Here are some beautiful Spring and Summer sundresses that I find inspiration from:





Last but not least, lets talk about slits! They are so feminine, flirty without really revealing anything. I just imagine going on a sunset walk along the beach in Malibu, a light breeze, the sound of waves in the background and the perfect flowy dress with a slit. Ahh! Life is good. Last year this time was all about loungewear, but let’s get rid of loungewear and enjoy things starting to open up again:




Gjelina Dress - Black Multi



Are you a fan of gorgeous gowns? What styles draw you in?


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