Add This Piece For Instant Elegance


Have you ever wished to feel effortlessly elegant and put together? If yes, then this is the one secret you need to add to your wardrobe asap!  An instant way to look very elegant is to incorporate more tweed into your wardrobe. This tweed dress is from Zara’s current collection. I am linking it here if you are interested in picking it up. I wear a medium in this dress since it is very tailored with a short zipper, makigng it sometimes challenging to slip on quickly. In a perfect world I would have snatched up the size small, but because I have hourglass measurements, I decided to opt for a medium with plans to get it tailored around my waist.

One thing I love most about tweed clothing is the effortless sophistication. If ever I feel like adding an instant moment of glam or elegance, this is a fabric that I enjoy reaching for.


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