meet kaye: fashion & animal lover

Los Angeles based fashion/beauty influencer and animal activist, Kaye Bassey, started blogging and her Instagram career to inspire women from a variety of different backgrounds to refine their personal beauty and style- so that they can feel motivated – to dress better, be better, do better and ultimately live an all round better life.

With a diverse upbringing in in Nigeria, Canada, Czech Republic, and Germany, she has developed an unique zest for life and an unparalleled eye for creativity. Blending her love for fashion, beauty, and wellness, Kaye fuses her creative leanings effortlessly and organically while staying true to her authentic voice. Her passion for animals has also led her to partner with various endangered species sanctuaries across the country to help spread the message of wildlife conservation.

She is confident in her sartorial choices and enjoys taking her readers into her vibrant world full of le joie de vivre. From it’s inception, she has worked with a variety of high-street and high fashion brands, such as, Thierry Mugler, Net-A-Porter, Revolve, Pantene, Sephora and Nordstrom. She also contributes her site content to multiple publications.

She currently welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself and looks forward to working future projects in varying capacities.

To contact Kaye Bassey, email: hello@kayebassey.com



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