8 Fashion Trends to Wear into 2022

Happy new year, loves! This time signifies a fresh beginning for all of us. This is your opportunity to start the year on the right foot, whether you believe in new year resolutions or not. January 1st also happens to be by birthday so I really look forward to this time of the year! In addition to my new year goals, I always like to revisit my wardrobe to evaluate the pieces I have collected over the past year and potentially get rid of things I no longer wear. However, there was certainly a lot of goodness to come out of 2021. particularly within fashion. A lot of trends I fell in love with, I have no plans to discontinue them and it seems the majority of others agree. So what exactly should you keep in your won closet to stay relevant? Not to worry! In this post I go over the 8 fashion trends to wear into 2022 and why you should sport them too.

Kaye Bassey wearing red lip, chunky gold chain necklace - Trends to wear into 2022

8 Fashion Trends to Wear into 2022


By now, I am sure we are all familiar with the shacked – a sort of hybrid between a button up shirt and a jacket as the name presumably suggests. This in-between outerwear piece will continue to be a big hit in all wardrobes, even as we delve further into 2022. There are a variety of hackers worth stocking up on too. I love everything from the cozy plaid styles to the more sleek and edgy faux-leather variations.

Relaxed Tailoring

Blazers and trousers will never go out of style. Instead, they continue to evolve over time, with new versions making waves with each year. As far as trends to wear into 2022, we will continue to see a push for more relaxed tailoring. This means throwing away the traditional suit and opting for something with a more oversized, easygoing fit. Neutrals will forever have my heart but there is also an increase in popularity for brightly colored suits and tailored pieces.


Best believe the vest trend is not going away anytime soon. Whilst it started out with a lot of sweater versions (which we will also continue to see as trends to wear in 2022), there will be just as much tailored vests. Traditionally worn as a third piece to a suit, the tailored vest can be worn by itself or layered over a top for a academia aesthetic look. Shop both sweater and tailored vests below. 

Statement Outerwear

This next one is very open to interpretation. Rather a more blanket trend that can be used to describe a whole plethora of styles. Statement outerwear will play a big role in 2022 fashion. As you can guess, this could look like anything from a brightly hued jacket to a coat with a sculptural shape or a textured fabric. Anything that would be sure to turn heads as you go out-and-about.

Elevated Loungewear

Perhaps one of my favorite trends to wear in 2022 because I do tend to priories comfort within a lot of everyday looks – elevated loungewear. Again, this is a style that really took off in 2021 and we all collectively decided it is too good to say goodbye to. Ribbed knit matching sets and cozy bouclé tops and bottoms are not only ideal to lounge around in home, but to also cater to weekend warriors who want to be comfortable and stylish.

Silver sparkly Steve Madden pumps - trend to wear into 2022


The silver and gold should have no reason to stop after the holiday season! Metallic clothing is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and add some dimension to your looks. A modest metallic blouse is easy to pair with jeans for something daytime appropriate. And of course, sequined tops or metallic-woven skirts are just as ideal for nighttime attire. Absolutely encourage you to add this to your list of trends to wear into 2022!

Pop Bags

Not one to incorporate a loud statement coat or blingy top into your outfit mix? Not to worry! You can still make a statement by resorting to pop accessories which will be one of the trends to wear into 2022. A brightly hued handbag is a fun way to inject colors into multiple different looks. Key colors will be shades of green, yellow, and blue. 


The last of the trends to wear into 2022 is the loafer. These collegiate style shoes will be one of the biggest footwear trends to start off 2022 with. I love how versatile they can be too! Layer socks with your shoes for a preppy aesthetic or grab a pair of ultra thick lug sole loafers to achieve a more androgynous, edgy look.


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