Here are 7 must haves from Amazon! I use Amazon all the time and obviously have Prime. Most of my non- grocery items are usually purchased through Amazon because of the speed at which I get access to everything that I need!  Since the major lockdown of earlier this year, have you been like me and turned to online shopping even more? If yes, then this post is for you! You know we all did not get Amazon Prime for nothing… haha! Here is goes… 7 must haves under $30





  1. This hand held Steamer



Everyone needs a good steamer! This one is portable so it works well to travel with or even store at home without occupying much space. I prefer using steamers than irons because it feels a lot faster and helps to get things done.



2. Tripod Perfect for Selfies


This tripod is awesome because you can film vertical, horizontal AND hold it as a selfie stick. It also comes along with a bluetooth remote control


3. Pantene Rose Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Conditioner Trio



This shampoo and conditioner duo is AH-MAZING! It has the best scent that literally smells like you are walking through a rose garden. Also, it has no sulfates, parabens, mineral oil and dyes- which actually leaves my hair silk smooth without being stripped of all the natural oils. I couldn’t recommend this hair shampoo and conditioner more!



4.  Lumify Eye Drops



Obviously, this is not a great fit for everyone, but since it has been smoky, dry and hot in LA (from the fires)- this has been really awesome to help keep my eyes from feeling sensitive throughout the day. Also, I saw a video on Tik Tok where the girl shows a before and after of how white they make eyes look- I just had to try it.


5. Gold Jewelry Organizer



Love this for organization! Perfect to store jewelry. Gold jewelry is such a trend/ hit right now, so it is actually really nice to be able to have an organization stand that matches the color of the jewelry you wear.


6. Satin Silk Pillowcases


These aren’t silk – they are satin, hence why they are more affordable. The cool thing is that they actually do a very similar thing. They help protect you skin and hair, much better for you than utilizing a regular cotton pillow case.


7. Computer Workstation Organizer



This is not exactly under $30 but I will throw it in as a bonus! I like this because I think it is great value for the price… It helps to organize your workstation, making it easier to feel on top of everything while  working from home (as most of us are right now).

What are your favorites? Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you! Love you! BYE!


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