6 Hair Care Tips for Transitioning to Cooler Days

Did you know that environmental factors have a really large impact on the health of your hair? As we transition from summer to fall, your hair can actually accrue a lot of damage if not taken care of properly because of the more drastic change of temperatures. As someone who styles my own hair on a more consistent basis, taking proper care of my locks is a high priority for me! There are a variety of hair care products I always recommend to strengthen and hydrate, as well as some tips you can incorporate into your own routine to ensure your hair stays as healthy as possible. So if you are ready to bring life back into your own hair, here are my 6 hair care tips for transitioning to cooler days. 

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6 Hair Care Tips for Transitioning to Cooler Days

Hair Care Tip 1: Sulfate-Free Products 

If you have colored hair, sensitive skin or just want to be extra conscious about what beauty products you use, sulfate-free is the way to go. Shampoo in particular is a product in which you want to be sure it is indeed sulfate-free as it can be particularly drying and irritating to the skin. On top of checking the ingredients in your hair care products, the other thing you should focus on is the actual application. Always concrete your shampoo on the scalp as this is where oils are produced and also where your skin sheds so it should be as clean as possible. Swap out your old shampoo and shop sulfate-free options below!  

Never Skimp on Conditioner 

It might be a no-brainer for a lot of you but my second hair care tip is to always use conditioner! After a thorough shampooing, you want to follow up with a hydrating conditioner that will restore that natural shine and softness to your beautiful locks. Currently, my favorite conditioner is the Pantene Nutrient Blends with Rosewater because it is affordable, smells lovely and works incredibly well at nourishing my hair with each use. See below to shop this product and other amazing alternatives. 

Kaye Bassey hair care tips

Limit Heat Styling 

Another major thing you can do to restore the health of your hair is to limit the amount of heat styling. High temperatures are bad enough for your hair, let alone if you are consistently doing this day in and day out. Instead, explore some heartless options that will still give you that salon-style hair do! For instance, if you watch beauty TikToks or Instagram Reels, you probably have seen the flawless, heat-less curls you can create with this unique curler. Swapping to this method is not only more healthy for your hair, but it also is an incredible time savior!  

Always Use Protection! 

If you do need to use a hot tool for styling, always use protection! A pre-styling spritz should always be the ritual prior to the use of the straightener or curling iron. It helps to create a barrier between your hair and the heat which results in less damage. After styling, you can always follow up with a hair oil to add additional sheen and a final layer of hydration. 

Kaye Bassey hair care tips

Switch to Silk 

This next hair care tip is all about silk! First of all, I highly suggest swapping out your regular cotton pillowcase with a silk one. Doing so is much healthier for your hair as it is frictionless, causing less damage to your hair during your slumber. Switching to silk also absorbs less of the hair’s natural moisture so you wake up with smoother, less frizzy hair than if you were using a regular pillowcase. For the same reasons, there are benefits to using silk hair ties and headbands too! 

Last Hair Care Tip: Body Maintenance 

Last but certainly not least, my final hair care tip is to take care of your overall well being. As you know, the foods and nutrients you put into your body greatly impact your state of health, which includes the condition of your hair, skin and nails. You can always take supplements to support hair growth too! Of course, do your own thorough research to see what works best for your body’s needs. Personally, I love the Sakara Beauty Water Drops, as well as the GRO More serum and hair gummies you can get right from Sephora. 

I promise swapping your hair care products for the ones with better ingredients, reducing heat styling (or using heat protection if so), switching to silk and using the right supplements will do wonders for your hair’s health. Follow the above hair care tips and you will be on your way to shiner, longer and more luscious locks in no time!

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