50 Irresistible Booties for Under $100

Okay, so I love writing lists, organization and just generally compiling information. I do this with everything! Naturally, this applies to shopping too. Usually when I purchase items to add to my wardrobe, I make lists of items that I want- down to the style and the color of my desire. So I am sharing one of my many lists with you. This is my list of my current favorite booties to style for the fall- all under $100. Enjoy! xx


Colors of the Rainbow

I love statement booties! I love wearing colorful booties to add a pop of color to my look. I am so into the color yellow right now. I like to call it my favorite happy color. No other color makes my heart skip in gloomy Autumn & Winter weather.


Black is Back

Who am I kidding? Black never went away. If you still do not have an amazing pair of black booties, I honestly need you to explain why! Black booties dress up even the most bland outfit- think t-shirt and a  pair of denim… throw black booties on and all of a sudden, you are so sophisticated.


Shades of Nude

The colors Neutral, Nude, Beige, Tan and Brown all belong on my list of must haves. This family of colors never go out of style. They are so sleek and classy. Lately, I have been digging all shades from pale beige to mahogany brown. Dare I say, I prefer this family of colors to black right now. I really do!! It flatters my skin’s undertone so well.



Animal print is so in! Honestly, I have always loved it, even when I got made fun of for loving “granny print” (as people reffered to it). I love animals! The way they look, the pretty patterns on their skin etc. So of course, I am crazy about having shoes inspired by stunning wildlife. Animal print is so in and hot right now. I am crazy about playing with different colors and patterns. Right now, snake skin inspired patterns are my current obsession <3


I would love to know, what booties you are crazy about lately? If you love these post ideas, I can keep it going and compile a bunch of my favorite pieces from many different brands to share with you. I am all about spending a pretty penny shopping. But sometimes, it is actually nice to spend less and get more bang for your buck 🙂

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