5 Ways to Start the New Year on the Right Foot

January 1st is always special. Not only does it symbolize the start of a new chapter, but it also happens to be my birthday! Like clockwork, I am filled with a renewed sense of rejuvenation for another year on the horizon. As the calendar turns its page, many of us find ourselves motivated to set new goals and embrace healthier habits. Starting the new year on the right foot involves a blend of intention, self-care, and future pacing. While New Year’s resolutions might not resonate with everyone, there are plenty of other ways to approach the next 12 months with intention and purpose. From creating a vision board to incorporating regular exercise, I have personally found solace in these 5 ways to start 2024 off on the right foot.

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5 Ways to Start the New Year on the Right Foot

vision board - 5 Ways to Start the New Year on the Right Foot
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Create a Vision Board

This year, it seemed everyone was jumping on the vision board bandwagon (including me)! Not only does it make for a fun, crafty activity, but it is also a great exercise to get crystal clear on your goals and aspirations for the year ahead. Depending on your preference, you can download images from Pinterest and add them to a Canva board for a digital vision board. But if you prefer physical things, simply print out a few images, clip from magazines, and paste them into a scrapbook or onto a poster board!

Start a Journaling Practice

A few weeks ago, I shared a few of my favorite girl therapy practices. One of these principles was journaling. Admittedly, it can be hard to keep this habit up for an extended period of time but I seriously urge you not to give up! This doesn’t mean you need to journal every single day, but doing a thought dump a few times a week is extremely therapeutic. Look for guided journals with daily prompts or start with a blank one for more of a free-flowing journaling experience.

Get Moving (Even from Home)

Along with getting your mind in check for the new year, it’s equally as important to get the body moving. Personally, I am a class girly. I absolutely love cycling or pilates classes because having an instructor keeps me motivated. However, with enough will power and the right equipment, you can workout from the comfort of your own home. I love this beginner workout set from Blogilates!

Drink Your Greens

One of the most important assets of a healthy lifestyle is your diet. I found that one of the best ways I can get my daily dose of nutrients is by drinking my vegetables. Even on busy days, throwing together a few ingredients into a juicer takes substantially less time than preparing a whole meal from scratch. One of the best investments you can make in the new year is a high-quality juicer for healthy drinks on-the-go. Alternatively, for an even quicker option, try a green drink powder. All you need is water!

Declutter Your Space

Along with the mind, body, and soul, my last suggestion is to declutter your space. No matter how clean and organized you claim to be, I bet there’s some area in your home that could use improvement. whether it’s getting rid of clothes or organizing your kitchen pantry, getting these little spaces organized makes for a huge lifestyle update. In order to do so, invest in the essential organizational tools such as acrylic shoe boxes and pantry jars and containers.


What are some of your best kept tips to start the new year on the right foot?
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