5 Simple Tips To Enhance Your Life


If I am having a busy week, I love to ensure that I include a few things into my days that enhance my life- making me feel healthier and happier. I love to dedicate some time to ensure that I stay feeling fresh and upbeat. If ever I need a pick me up, here are 5 simple things that I do (that you can also do) in order to enhance your life and get a little extra “oopmh”.




  • Have a Plant & Nurture It: For me this definitely an instant pick- me up! It feels amazing to pick out a plant to switch up the Feng-Shui in my living area. My favorite part is taking care of a plant for a long time and then experience it blossoming and growing bigger and bigger. Also, keeping plants indoors at home helps to clear the air and adds more life to an otherwise drab surrounding.


  • Buy Yourself a Beautiful Bouquet of Roses: This one is obvious! If you have never done it before. Really, do it! I do have a confession to make- my partner got me a bunch and these are some. But, when I do not have flowers at home, I love going to pick fresh bouquets of flowers from a flower-shop. I have not had to do that very often anymore since my partner has been so wonderful with always supplying me with my latest obsession- gorgeous long-stem red roses.


  • Sweat It Out: This one sounds somewhat counter-intuitive. It so happens that this is indeed true! Increasing the heart rate helps to release endorphins (the stuff that makes you feel really good). So, if ever I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I ensure to front-load a really good workout. Whether it be a long run, fitting in a few more reps with HIIT or going heavier with my weights.


  • Play With Your Pet or Volunteering at an Animal Shelter: I have a few pets… so I get lots of quality time hanging out with cute creatures who are so cute and make me feel amazing. If you would love to see a few of my featured pets, click HERE. If you are not the kind of person who enjoys animals around at all times, give back time at an animal shelter is always a beneficial way to spend your time. I have done this quite often and it is truly rewarding. I do not have a dog of my own yet, so this is one why that I get to play with pups without taking on the full responsibility.




  • Visualize Yourself Reaching Goals: If you have never done this before, please, try this out! There is nothing more exciting and riveting to be anxiously waiting for positive moments. You know the feeling you would get as a kid on Christmas morning? That is the feeling that I am referring to when I visualize reaching my goals. What are you waiting for? I can not even begin to count the number of people who I have met on a daily basis who spend no times visualizing their goals and dreams. This is a no-brainer if you want to create more strategic and less-strained success for yourself. Have you ever sat down and wondered why life is spinning out of control? Often times, that has to do with the fact sometimes, we are unclear of exactly what we want in a moment or out of life. If you would love to get some precise steps from me on how to do this, let me know- I am happy to share, as always.
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