4 Tips To Get Through The Holidays Alone (All Under $30)


I would love to offer a few suggestions here… Obviously, there is nothing better than the great company of family and friends who you feel good around. But acknowledging the fact that a lot of us actually will not be experiencing the holidays as we have done in prior years- this is a suggestion that I think will help all of us out.


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Pick Up The Phone

Call friends and see if you can be included in whatever they are doing. Perhaps, Friendsgiving, Secret Santa or White Elephant… There are a lot of people who will not be able to be with their family this holiday season either (probably me included). So yeah, something great to do would be to actually pick up the phone- call friends or family. See if there are any socially distanced activities you can join in on. And when you do join in on the fun, wear something cute! All these pieces linked are under $30 and have so much holiday spirit. Also, plan to wear a really cute holiday outfit even if you do happen to spend the day alone.




Pamper & Spoil Yourself

Get cozy, comfy or get super fancy. Whatever you prefer. My favorite way to pamper myself is actually to relax and decompress- mostly because my days are filled with lots of work, meetings and getting dressed up each day. So for me, the best way to decompress is to actually  get comfy. Highlighting some comfy shoes! I live in mine DAILY.



Set Goals

Sometimes the holidays are a great time to actually still clear your mind and set goals for what you are looking to achieve overtime. The holidays conveniently fall towards the end of the year which actually helps to mentally reset and start a clean/ clear slate. Towards the end of the year, I like to start setting goals and intentions for what I am looking for in the following year. This is why I think that setting goals is a good idea. It also takes away from the fact that this year was complicated (to say the least). Especially if your goals for 2021 include spending time with your family the following year.




Help Others

Give back. I keep bringing this up but I feel like it is a major cornerstone to actually living a full life. Being able to give a helping hand to other people who are less fortunate during these times is always something wonderful to engage in. Donating time or resources to an animal shelter is something that I love doing. There are so many and with a quick google search, it is easy to locate on in your area.




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