3 Top Tips For Creating A Unique Look


Outfit Details


Pick a statement piece and style your look around it: In this case, my statement piece are these pants that I picked up at Nordstrom. I love partnering with Nordstrom to create looks that a so versatile- and can be worn for a variety of occasions. They have a unique loose fitted style that I thought was dramatic enough to carry a very simple look. I always style all my outfits this way; I pick a piece or a color that I am feeling and style my entire look around it. It makes it so much easier to have a cohesive flow  to your outfit.



Similar Pieces


Choose to wear an outfit that is within the same color pallet: I love this tip because I practice this a lot! I generally love to go with tones that are very flattering for my skin tone. If you have not already, try to figure out what colors work best for your skin tone.  So if I am ever in a hurry, I usually just put together a look with these shades. To make it even easier, I LOVE wearing monotone looks. Super classy and easy.



Play with shapes and cuts that you are normally not immediately drawn to: My favorite with about shopping at Nordstrom is that, there is a wide variety of clothing and brands to chose from. So I love using that to my advantage. I love playing with different cuts, fits and fabrics. It is so easy to do with all the items at the same store. I usually start off by looking at the pieces that are different- I try those on first, just so I can get a sense of what new and fresh pieces would look like on me. This is a fun way to keep all your looks fresh and unique.


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