3 steps to achieving glowing skin:

  1. Eat clean foods and hydrate: My first tip is to eat a very nutritious diet full of fresh healthy foods. I feel like people talk about this time and time again but it is actually really important not to neglect this  step at all. I noticed the biggest change in my skin for the better when I started eating foods are packed with anti-inflammatory properties. Focusing on foods with a low glycemic index and packed with lots of fiber. Foods such as, avocados, Japanese sweet potatoes and dark leafy greens have been some of my favorites. As far as hydration goes- lots of water, water packed fruits and vegetables make my skin feel the best. I am happy to share more information on what I eat in a day.
  2. Natural and “good-for-you” skin care products: I have switched up my skincare quite a bit over the years… The products I most enjoy contain natural ingredients or have a very condensed ingredient profile. I enjoy using a variety of acids, such as, glycolic acid, lactic acid and hylauronic acid. Using acids has been helpful to exfoliate my skin effectively, revealing glowy, fresh skin. Also, I started using sunscreen daily- which has made a HUGE impact on my skin’s overall health. I have a very specific and in depth skin care routine- so I can break that down in another post.
  3. Use products that enhance a glowy/dewy skin finish: This is listed as the last step because I truly believe that you need to ensure that you’re taking care of the inside before the outside is impacted positively… after doing step one and two- then step three comes into play! Here is where it gets super fun because I can play around with different foundation finishes and a variety of illumnitaors. I think that one of my favorite foundation finishes is one with a nice dewy glow. I use matte foundations at times but for hotter days, I prefer leaning into a dewy finish. Some days, I even like to use tinted moisturizers- just depends on my mood and what I am feeling.

I am listing the beauty products that I used to achieve this look…


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