10 Drugstore Beauty Products I Would Buy Again

While I am an avid purveyor of treating yourself and splurging on luxury beauty, I have to admit that there are some real gems that come straight from the drugstore. Saving money aside, there are some killer makeup and skincare products out there that are highly effective and of notable quality while also happening to be more affordable. So when possible, why not kill two birds with one stone? If you can save money on an amazing product that works well for you, then the obvious answer is to just do it! It recently came to my attention that I have not really shared my love for drugstore beauty products enough on this blog. Thus, I immediately sat down at my computer to provide you all with this list of 10 drugstore beauty products I would 100% buy over and over again.

drugstore beauty products

10 Drugstore Beauty Products I Would Buy Again

Drugstore Beauty: Makeup

drugstore beauty products - wet n wild setting powder

Wet N Wild Setting Powder

For under $4, this finishing powder is a fan favorite. It is no surprise why as the formula works to blur and mattify your skin with one swipe. This is a product that you can toss in your bag for quick touch ups to ensure your makeup stays in place all day long.

UOMA by Sharon c brow styler - drugstore beauty products

UOMA By Sharon C Brow Styler

I absolutely love the UOMA by Sharon C brand! Not only is it WOC owned but the products are high-quality while not breaking the bank. This brow styler makes for really natural brows thanks to the precise pencil applicator.

l'oreal mascara - drugstore beauty products

L’oreal Age Perfect Mascara

Once I heard that this L’Oreal mascara was an amazing dupe of the Hourglass tubing formula, I knew I had to try it out. I was so impressed with how voluminous it made my lashes and the hold managed to last all day long.

NYX concealer - drugstore beauty products

NYX Contour Concealer

Refreshen under your eyes and conceal any imperfections with this contour concealer. Plus, the formula is incredibly blendable, leaving you with a natural finish that is hard to beat for the price.

NYX finishing spray - drugstore beauty products

NYX Finishing Spray

I always complete my makeup routine with a spritz of a finishing spray. NYX continued to impress me with this matte finish spray. It is not only a key product for everyday use but especially when you have important events or just want your makeup to look fresh for hours on end.

Drugstore Beauty: Skin Care

drugstore beauty products I will buy again - garner micellar water

Garnier Micellar Water

This is a drugstore skincare product that is universally agreed as Holy Grail status. The Garnier micellar water immediately makes your skin feel brand new. You can use it as a cleanser or as a makeup remover to wipe away all the dirt from the day. If you have yet to try this product, I highly recommend you invest in a bottle for yourself now!

drugstore beauty products - cerave cleanser from target

CeraVe Cleanser

For those with sensitive skin, you probably already know how amazing the CeraVe cleansers are but I thought I would highlight them here regardless.  This product is amazing for achieving squeaky clean skin!

drugstore beauty products - vaseline from target


I always keep a container of this miracle-working product on me at all times. Vaseline is not only amazing for healing dry, cracked skin but it has also gotten a lot of notoriety for its trendy skin slugging purposes. For more details on skin slugging, check out my previous blog post where I share how it works and best practices.

dove advanced care deodorant - drugstore beauty products

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

This is my favorite deodorant, hands down. It keeps me refreshed all year (but especially during the current heat wave California is currently experiencing). I linked one of my favorite scents (cucumber), as well as a non-scented version below!

drugstore beauty products - Thayer's witch hazel toner

Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner

I promise your skin will immediately thank you once you start adding this witch hazel toner into your routine. My skin seriously feels so refreshed with every application. Not to mention, the rose smell is absolutely divine!

Let me know what your favorite drugstore beauty products are in the comments below! 
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